8 June 2021

New Frontiers of Antitrust 2021

Date & place

From 8 June at 15:30 to 11 June 2021 at 18:00 CEST

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8 June

Webinar held on Tuesday 8 June 2021 15.30 - 17.30 CEST

See below for the documentation of this webinar.

Frédéric JENNY | Chairman, OECD Competition Committee | President, Concurrences Review International Committee | Professor, Co-Director - CEDE, ESSEC, Paris (bio)

Bruno LE MAIRE | Minister for the Economy and Finance, Paris (bio)

The economic crisis reinforced the control of foreign investments to protect national interest. What are the new rules and procedures of which we need to be aware? How do the sui generis FDI rules compare to national interest provisions in the pre-existing merger control rules? What are the implications of these rules on investment more generally and the functioning of markets? How will these rules impact on the future assessment of mergers under the competition rules? Do antitrust lawyers need to retool?

Calvin S. GOLDMAN, QC | Principal, Law Office of Calvin Goldman, Q.C., Toronto | Former Commissioner, Canadian Competition Bureau, Ottawa (bio)
Damien LEVIE | Head of Unit - Technology and Security, FDI Screening, DG TRADE, Brussels (bio)
Angelika MILGER | Government counsel - Division VB1, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Berlin (bio)
Jacques MOSCIANESE | Group Head of Institutional Affairs, Intesa Sanpaolo, Milan (bio)
Martha SAMUELSON | CEO and Chairman, Analysis Group, Boston (bio)
Moderator: Mark POWELL | Partner, White & Case, Brussels (bio)

Opening speech in French. Simultaneous translation in English provided for Zoom app users.

9 June

Webinar held on Wednesday 9 June 2021 15.30 - 17.00 CEST

See below for the documentation of this webinar.

While the European Commission is exploring a possible revision of the VBER and of the Vertical Guidelines and assessing the various policy options proposed, the panel will reflect on some of the relevant issues and subjects in the VBER, some more controversial than others, but all having been over the years at the center of the debates on the legal framework applying to vertical restraints.

Svend ALBAEK | Adviser to Chief Economist, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)
Luc PEEPERKORN | Professor, Brussels School of Competition and College of Europe | Former Principal Advisor Antitrust Policy at European Commission, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)
Thibaud VERGÉ | Professor of Economics, ENSAE, Paris (bio)
Alexis WALCKIERS | Director, E.CA Economics, Berlin (bio)
Moderator: Laurence IDOT | Emeritus Professor, University Paris II Panthéon-Assas | President, Concurrences Review Scientific Committee (bio)

English & French. Simultaneous translation from French to English provided for Zoom app users.

10 June

Webinar held on Thursday 10 June 2021 15.30 - 17.00 CEST

See below for the documentation of this webinar.

In the prospect of a crisis exit, several challenges related to competition lie ahead particularly with regards to merger control, state aid, the impact of safeguarding plan, the failing firm defence criteria depending on the relevant sector or the risk of maintaining zombie firms alive. Should competition law be applied regardless of the economic phase, recession or expansion?

Frédéric DE BURE | Partner, Cleary Gottlieb, Paris (bio)
Isabelle DE SILVA | President, Autorité de la concurrence, Paris (bio)
Gönenç GÜRKAYNAK | Partner, ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law, Istanbul (bio)
Jorge PADILLA | Head of Compass Lexecon EMEA, Brussels (bio)
Karl SOUKUP | Acting Deputy Director-General for State Aid, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)
Moderator: Nicolas PETIT | Professor of European Competition Law, European University Institute, Florence (bio)

11 June

Webinar held on Friday 11 June 2021 16.00 - 17.30 CEST

See below for the documentation of this webinar.

Following years of debate, several propositions on the regulation of platforms have been enacted or are still being discussed in the EU (DMA/DSA), in the US, in Germany and in the United Kingdom. The portfolio of tools is wide: from ex-ante enforcement, data processing control to ex-post enforcement such as divestment.

Laurence BARY | Partner, Dechert, Paris (bio)
Inge BERNAERTS | Director, Policy and Strategy, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)
Cristina CAFFARRA | Senior Consultant, European Competition, CRA, London (bio)
Giuseppe COLANGELO | Jean Monnet Chair in European Innovation Policy and Associate Professor of Law and Economics, University of Basilicata | Transatlantic Technology Law Forum Fellow, Stanford University | Adjunct Professor of Markets, Regulations and Law, Luiss (bio)
Eliana GARCES | Director, Economic Policy, Facebook, Washington D.C. (bio)
Andreas MUNDT | President, Bundeskartellamt, Bonn (bio)
Mike WALKER | Chief Economic Adviser, Competition and Markets Authority, London (bio)
Moderator: Frédéric JENNY | Chairman, OECD Competition Committee | President, Concurrences Review International Committee | Professor, Co-Director - CEDE, ESSEC, Paris (bio)


12th New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference (Frédéric Jenny)

If you would like to read about this event’s topic, you can access the following Concurrences documents. If you do not have an access, please inquire for Subscription here.


Webinar #1 - Foreign Direct Investment Control: Another string to the antitrust bow or a brave new world?

Full video, podcast and other materials
Available here

Foreign Direct Investment - Germany Episode, Podcast Antitrust Code by Concurrences

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Webinar #2 - Vertical restrictions: VBER, everything changed?

Full video, podcast and other materials
Available here

Interview of Svend Albaek by Alexis Walckiers for the 2nd Webinar - Vertical restrictions: VBER, everything changed?

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Webinar #3 - Competition policy in the post-COVID 19 economy: What to do of Zombification risks?

Full video, podcast and other materials
Available here

Alain Ronzano, COVID-19: The General Court of the European Union confirms for the first time the legality of individual aid measures adopted to respond to the consequences of the pandemic (Ryanair), 14 April 2021, Concurrences N° 1-2021, Art. N° 100199

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Concurrences Webinar, Industrial Policy and Competition Policy in the post-Covid Context, 15 May 2020

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Webinar #4 - Regulation of platforms: One size fits all? EU, UK, USA, Germany…

Full video, podcast and other materials
Available here

Interview with Inge Bernaerts (DG COMP), by Laurence Bary (Dechert)

Concurrences Webinar, Geopolitics of platforms regulation, 28 April 2021

Concurrences Webinar, Digital and UK antitrust, 22 March 2021

Concurrences Webinar, Regulation of platforms: The EU Digital Services Act, 28 September 2020

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French Competition Authority, The French Competition Authority fines a Big Tech company €220 millions for favouring its own services in the online advertising sector in a first decision to look into complex algorithmic auctions processes (Google), 7 June 2021, e-Competitions Preview, Art. N° 101065


The Paris “New Frontiers of Antitrust” conference is a unique occasion to network with some of today’s most influential global leaders in competition law. This conference, held each year in Paris since 2009, now ranks first among the European antitrust independent events in terms of venue, press reports and audience. The 2021 Steering Committee, headed by Frédéric Jenny, includes Prof. Laurence Idot, Prof. Nicolas Petit and Nicolas Charbit.

Languages: English - French (translation). This event is organised by Concurrences Review and is co-sponsored by legal, economic and media partners.

Please register for the webinar of each panel if you wish to attend several sessions. These webinars are open to all without fee/cost. The list of attendees will be communicated to the speakers. By registering for a webinar, you are submitting your information to the webinar organisers, who will use it to communicate with you regarding this event and their other services. This webinar will be recorded. If your question is selected for the Q&A session, you are consenting to be recorded.

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