25 October

Antitrust in Developing & Emerging Economies : New Challenges In Public Interest, Big Tech, And Regionalism

Date & place

From 25 October at 11:00 to 27 October at 13:00 EDT

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Fireside chat

Oct. 25

Tuesday, 25 October - 11:00 - 11.30 AM EDT

Hon. Ebrahim PATEL I Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition of South Africa, Pretoria (bio)

Discussant : Eleanor FOX | Professor Emerita, New York University School of Law (bio)


Oct. 25

Tuesday, 25 October - 11:30 AM - 1.00 PM EDT

Public interests have growing importance in developing country competition law. Many jurisdictions weave food security, sustainability, inclusiveness, and fairness to workers into antitrust analysis or merger conditionality. Some jurisdictions privilege national security and even national champions. Are public interests an appropriate and even necessary concern of competition authorities? When are they relevant? How are they incorporated? And with what predictability?

Ioannis LIANOS | President, Hellenic Competition Commission, Athens (bio)
Simon ROBERTS | Professor, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg (bio)
Heidi SADA | Executive Director for International Affairs, Federal Economic Competition Commission, Mexico (bio)
Doris TSHEPE | Commissioner, South African Competition Commission, Pretoria (bio)

Moderator: Eleanor FOX | Professor Emerita, New York University School of Law (bio)


Oct. 26

Wednesday, 26 October - 11:30 AM - 1.00 PM EDT

What do developing countries want and what are their vulnerabilities? Can actors in developing countries get fair access to the big tech platforms? Can developing countries’ agencies control big tech abuses? Can they take advantage of the rules and regulations crafted in the developed world?

Paulo BURNIER DA SILVEIRA | Senior Competition Expert, Competition Division, OECD, Paris/Brasilia (bio)
Gina CASS-GOTTLIEB | Chair, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Sydney (bio)
Michal GAL | Professor, University of Haifa (bio)
Gönenç GURKAYNAK | Partner, ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law, Istanbul (bio)
Geeta GOURI | Economic Consultant, Former Member, Indian Competition Commission, New Delhi (bio)

Moderator: Harry FIRST | Professor, New York University School of Law (bio)


Oct. 27

Thursday, 27 October - 11:15 AM - 12.45 PM EDT

Markets are bigger than nations, business firms are bigger than nations, and offenses and their remedies cross borders. Nations and their competition agencies are devising different rules, regulations and remedies to control the same conduct. Moreover, developing countries often remain Balkanized, suggesting that cross-border restraints are below the radar screen. Can the problems be generalized at higher than national levels for effective solutions? This panel will discuss the hope of regional economic communities, including the planned competition protocol within the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, which is just now being negotiated. What are the tasks that must and should be performed at the center?

Michal HALPERIN | Senior Fellow, Mossavar-Rahmani Center, Kennedy School of Government, Former Head of Israel Competition Authority (bio)
Willard MWEMBA | Chief Executive Officer, COMESA Competition Commission, Lilongwe, Malawi (bio)
George PAUL | Partner, White & Case, Washington DC (bio)

Moderator: Frédéric JENNY | Chairman, OECD Competition Committee, Paris (bio)


Oct. 27

Thursday, 27 October - 12:45 PM - 1.00 PM EDT

Dennis DAVIS | Former Judge President, Competition Appeal Court of South Africa (bio)
Harry FIRST | Professor, New York University School of Law (bio)
Eleanor FOX | Professor Emerita, New York University School of Law (bio)

If you would like to read about this event’s topic, you can access the following Concurrences documents. If you do not have access, please inquire for Subscription here.

Webinar 1: Public Interest: Food, Workers, Sustainability…

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Webinar 2: Big Tech and Developing Countries: Can Developing Countries Harness The Opportunities and Control the Abuses?

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Webinar 3: Do We Need New Forms of Cooperation? Higher Level Governance?

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