19 February

1st International Mergers Conference


Date & place

Wednesday 19 February 08:00-19:00

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University College London

4-8 Endsleigh Gardens

WC1H 0EG London United Kingdom
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Coffee & Registration


Introductory remarks


Deni MANTZARI | Lecturer, Competition Law and Policy
Acting Director, Centre for Law, Economics and Society, University College London

New Challenges for Competition Law: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Brexit, FDI, Public interest...


Sir John VICKERS | Warden of All Souls College, Oxford
Frédéric JENNY | Chairman, OECD Competition Committee, Paris

Panel 1: Rethinking the judicial scrutiny of merger enforcement in the digital era: administrative burden, standard of proof and judicial review


Eugène BUTTIGIEG | Judge, General Court of the EU, Luxembourg
Peter FREEMAN CBE QC (Hon) | Chairman, Competition Appeal Tribunal, London
Colin RAFTERY | Senior Director for Mergers, Competition and Markets Authority, London
Ingrid VANDENBORRE | Partner, Antitrust/Competition, Skadden, Brussels
Moderator: Richard WHISH QC (Hon) | Emeritus Professor, King’s College London

Coffee Break


Panel 2: Digital mergers: Need for Reform?


Luisa AFFUSO | Chief Economist, Ofcom, London
Thilo KLEIN | Executive Vice President, Compass Lexecon, London/Berlin/Düsseldorf
Claire JEFFS | Partner, Slaughter & May, London
Nate MILLER | Expert, Cornerstone Research - Saleh Romeih Associate Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
Pierre REGIBEAU | Chief Economist, DG COMP, Brussels
Moderator: Amelia FLETCHER | Professor, University of East Anglia, Norwich



Panel 3: Merger control and ’non-competition concerns’: Industrial Policy, Geopolitics, Sustainability, Privacy


Hanna ANTTILAINEN | Head of Unit B4: Energy and Environment (mergers), DG COMP, Brussels
Etienne CHANTREL | Head of Mergers Unit, Autorité de la concurrence, Paris
Damien NEVEN | Professor of Economics, The Graduate Institute, Geneva, affiliated to Compass Lexecon
Bill KOVACIC | Professor, George Washington University - Non-executive Director, CMA, London
Nicholas LEVY | Partner, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, London
Josh WHITE | Vice President, Analysis Group, London
Moderator: Ioannis KOKKORIS | Professor, Queen Mary University, London

Coffee Break


Panel 4: Merger Hotchpotch - Enforcement and Procedure: Due Diligence, Gun jumping, Due Process, Remedies


Sara ASHALL | Counsel, Shearman & Sterling, London/Brussels
Manish DAS | Head of Competition Law, Lloyds Banking Group, London
Irene DE ANGELIS | Head of Antitrust Affairs, Intesa Sanpaolo, Milan
Frank QI | Senior Legal Counsel, Qualcomm, San Diego
Anneleen STRAETEMANS | Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs - Europe, ZX Ventures, London
Chair: Helen JENKINS | Partner, Oxera, Oxford*

Closing discussion


Simon HOLMES | Ordinary member, Competition Appeal Tribunal, London
Ioannis LIANOS | President, Hellenic Competition Commission - Professor of Global Competition Law and Public Policy, Faculty of Laws, University College London (on leave)



* to be confirmed

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This first edition of the International Mergers Conference will take place in University College London on Wednesday 19 February 2020. The conference is organised by Concurrences in partnership with University College London, Cleary Gottlieb, Shearman & Sterling and Cornerstone Research. Attendance is by registration only. No on-site registration. The list of participants will be communicated to the speakers.

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University College London

4-8 Endsleigh Gardens

WC1H 0EG London United Kingdom