3 December

9th Global Merger Control Conference 2021

Date & place

Friday 3 December from 08:30 to 13:00 CET

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Mélanie THILL-TAYARA | Partner, Dechert, Paris (bio)



Guillaume LORIOT | Deputy-Director for Mergers, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)
Discutants: Laurent FLOCHEL | Vice President, CRA, Paris (bio)
Mélanie THILL-TAYARA | Partner, Dechert, Paris (bio)



As the US and 18 EU Member States now have reinforced or set in place screening of FDI, sovereignty and sustainability climb up the agenda of agencies and governments. How can these objectives change the course of merger control outputs? What can lawyers and counsels set in place to integrate this new phenomenon?

Céline DARRIGADE | Head of Antitrust, Thales, Paris (bio)
Fernando JIMÉNEZ | Director, NERA Economic Consulting, Madrid
Marie-Anne LAVERGNE | Head - Foreign Investments Control, French Treasury (DG Trésor), Paris (bio)
Christof SCHOSER | Head of Task Force Third-Country Subsidies, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)

Modérators: Alec BURNSIDE | Partner, Dechert, Brussels (bio)
Sophie PELÉ | National Partner, Dechert, Paris (bio)

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In the EU, the Commission has announced in February 2021 the launch of a new initiative aiming at simplifying merger control. This initiative has been opened to public consultation and will provide a basis for the revision of the Implementing Regulation and the Notice on Simplified Procedure. In addition, the reform of Article 22 EUMR promises to bring more uncertainty to merger control in the EU. In the US, change is on the horizon with leadership from the new administration now reexamining the U.S. merger guidelines and its enforcement policies. The U.S. Congress is evaluating changes to the antitrust laws that would allow for more expansive theories of potential harm. Where are those new frameworks leading us?

Etienne CHANTREL | Deputy Rapporteur général, Autorité de la concurrence, Paris (bio)
Simon GENEVAZ | Deputy Head of Unit - Mergers Case Support and Policy, DG COMP, Brussels (bio)
Molly HERRON | Lead Group Antitrust Counsel - ex-Americas, Novartis, Basel* (bio)
Rebecca SLAUGHTER | Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission, Washington D.C. (bio)
Dr. Nicola TOSINI | Director, NERA Economic Consulting, Berlin/ Brussels / Milan (bio)
Modérateurs: Clemens YORK | Partner, Dechert, Francfort / Bruxelles (bio)
Mike COWIE | Partner, Dechert, Washington D.C. (bio)



In the context of COVID-induced shocks, counsel, as well as senior legal officers, operate in a fast-changing landscape. What are their new priorities? What do they see as the main risks to their activities in the foreseeable future with regards to mergers?

Belinda BAGGE | Legal Director, Competition and Regulatory Law, BT, London (bio)
Esther BITTON | Head of Antitrust and Head of Legal & HR for the Procurement Business Unit, Casino, Paris (bio)
Kelig BLORET-DUPUIS | Head of Competition Legal Department, Essilor, Paris* (bio)
Grania HOLZWARTH | Competition Policy Legal Counsel, Deutsche Telekom, Brussels (bio)
Alex KOMMATAS | Vice President - Global Antitrust Compliance, JPMorgan Chase, New York* (bio)
Caroline MEDINA | Global Competition Law Legal Director, Alstom, Paris (bio)
Nick WOODROW | Head of competition Law, Vodafone, London (bio)
Moderator: Laurence BARY | Partner, Dechert, Paris (bio)

* To be confirmed


You can attend this conference in person (Paris) or remotely (via Zoom). Please choose one of the two options below. Any double registration will cancel the registration for the in-person format (registration for the webinar format will be maintained).



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If you would like to read about this event’s topic, you can access the following Concurrences documents. If you do not have access, please inquire for Subscription here.



DAMITT Q1 2021: Vertical Merger Challenges and New EU Referral Process Signal Transitions in U.S. and EU Investigations, 26 April 2021

DAMITT Q2 2021: Move Over Big Tech – Traditional Industries See More Merger Investigation Activity, 29 July 2021

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The annual conference « Global Merger Control », organised by Concurrences and Dechert, focuses on the proliferation of merger control regulation and enforcers. Such proliferation leads to the inevitable question of whether, in this new regulatory environment, mergers and acquisitions have been made subject to undue obstacles. This event is organised by Concurrences Review and is co-sponsored by legal and economic partners. These panels are open to all without fee/cost. The list of attendees will be communicated to the speakers. Conference accredited by the Paris Bar and with CPD Credit.