2 mars 2021

EU Digital Markets : Where do Member States stand ?

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Mardi 2 mars 2021 de 17h45 à 19h15 CET

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Concurrences, in partnership with Skadden, is pleased to invite you to its next webinar on digital markets regulation. 

Join Gabriella Muscolo, Commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority, Martijn Snoep, Chairman of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets and Jacques Steenbergen, President of the Belgian Competition Authority, along with Skadden antitrust partners, for a discussion on the role domestic enforcers are playing in policing and promoting new digital antitrust regulations. 

The group will cover a range of topics, including EU and member state laws that utilize new tools to address perceived challenges in the sector.

Gabriella MUSCOLO | Commissioner, Italian Competition Authority, Rome (bio)

Martijn SNOEP | Chairman, Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets, The Hague (bio)

Jacques STEENBERGEN | President, Belgian Competition Authority, Brussels (bio)

Ingrid VANDENBORRE | Partner, Skadden, Brussels (bio)

Moderator : Bill BATCHELOR | Partner, Skadden, Brussels/London (bio)



If you would like to read about this event’s topic, you can access the following Concurrences documents. If you do not have an access, please inquire for Subscription here.

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